Voomly - The Ultimate Video Marketing Tool
Web Tools RadioAugust 09, 2023
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Voomly - The Ultimate Video Marketing Tool

Enter Voomly

Voomly is perfect for content creators, digital marketers, video marketing agencies, and Ecommerce and online store builders.

You can turn your video into a funnel and grab email addresses from viewers, and segment them by creating what I call a "pick your own ending" feature. It really had me going, "WHAT???" when I went to their site. The best part is you can use their 30-day trial to see if it's for you. If you like it plans start at free, or $9 and go on up.

Check it out (aff)

But Why Not Just Use YouTube? It's Free!

While YouTube can be a powerful platform for marketing videos, it also comes with some disadvantages. Here are some of the drawbacks to consider:

  1. Ad saturation: YouTube is filled with advertisements, and viewers have become accustomed to skipping or ignoring them. Your marketing videos might get lost among numerous ads, making it challenging to stand out and capture the audience's attention.
  2. Competition: The platform is incredibly competitive, with millions of creators and businesses vying for viewers' attention. Getting your videos noticed and recommended by YouTube's algorithm can be difficult, especially for new or smaller channels.
  3. Content restrictions: YouTube has community guidelines and content policies that can limit what you can show or say in your marketing videos. If your content goes against these guidelines, it may be demonetized, removed, or even result in channel strikes or suspensions.
  4. Limited control over the viewing experience: Once viewers are on YouTube, they can easily be distracted by other content or recommended videos. This can reduce the chances of converting them into customers or driving them to your website.
  5. Audience targeting limitations: While YouTube offers some targeting options for ads, it may not be as precise as other advertising platforms. This could result in your marketing videos being shown to viewers who are not your target audience, leading to lower conversion rates.
  6. Brand association: Your marketing videos might appear alongside user-generated content, including videos that may not align with your brand values. This association might impact your brand perception negatively.
  7. Lack of ownership: Your content is hosted on YouTube's platform, and you have limited control over potential changes to the platform's algorithms or policies. A sudden algorithm change could significantly impact your video's visibility and reach.
  8. Data privacy concerns: As a marketer, you might not have access to as much user data as you would on your website or other owned platforms. This can limit your ability to understand your audience fully and retarget them effectively.
  9. Limited customization: While YouTube allows some customization for your channel, it may not provide the full branding experience that you could achieve on your website or dedicated landing pages.

Using Voomly you end up with insights about your potential client that you can't with other video tools. Take it for a ride and let me know what you find out. I'm definitely checking it out.