Switchy: Quit Guessing and Start KNOWING What is Working
Web Tools RadioJuly 12, 2023
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Switchy: Quit Guessing and Start KNOWING What is Working

If you're using bit.ly and sharing those publicly, you're not doing your brand any favors. Today I introduce you to Switchy. It makes it super easy to track your links (in and out) as well as makes QR codes, and Smart Pages (think Linktree) while enabling you to place pixels, and more.

As I record this, you can get Switchy on App Sumo for a one-time purchase of $39. The starting price on their website is $47/month so it's a steal.

I love that you can tie a domain to it, and even the core domain can be redirected. See, www.supportthisshow.com will go to my buy me a coffee page whereas www.supportthisshow.com/switchy goes to either the App Summo deal (if it's still there - an affiliate link) or their website.

I recently discovered you can use it as a Linktree alternative and make what they call "Smart Pages" Check out a casual video I did on this for the member of the School of Podcasting.

It also allows you to:

  • Place a pixel
  • Do A/B Split testing
  • Geographic splits
  • Expiring links
  • Use a chrome extension to make links

I'm thinking it will soon do your laundry.

Check it out at www.supportthisshow.com/switchy


01:42 What’s so great about this tool?

04:13 You can also add a redirection based on location.

06:02 How to make a direct link to your website.

07:18 You can get it for $39 a month or a lifetime deal.

08:56 You don’t really need support because they have a great knowledge base.

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