Mailerlite the Best Email List for the Money and I've Used Them All.
Web Tools RadioNovember 14, 2022
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Mailerlite the Best Email List for the Money and I've Used Them All.

There's no doubt about it, email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience. But if you're a solopreneur, you might be wondering how you can get started with email marketing without spending a lot of time or money.

Enter MailerLite. This powerful email marketing tool is designed specifically for small businesses and solopreneurs. It's easy to use and very affordable, making it the perfect solution for anyone just getting started with email marketing.

With MailerLite, you can create beautiful newsletters, automated emails, and targeted campaigns that will engage your subscribers and help you achieve your business goals.

My favorite option is I'm sending out a survey where my audience can click on what they want to see in their email and when I create the email, I can say, "Only show this section to people who like this."

You can see the form here

Pricing Email Marketing Tools

I had tried Sendfox, and it worked, but I had to have support help me if I wanted to clean up my list (they have to do it)

I tried to get them all on the same playing field (3000 subscriber list)

Convertkit is $42/month for 3000 subscribers .014/per subscriber

Aweber was $30 for 2500 subscribers .012/subscriber

Mailchimp is $34/month for 3000 subscribers or .011/subscriber

Mailerlite is $25/month for 2500 subscribers or .006/per subscriber

Mailerlite is serious about delivery as well. You have to apply and be used to use it.

Here is a demo of my using the dynamic tool.

So if you're ready to take your email marketing to the next level, start using MailerLite today!

In full disclosure, I am an affiliate, but you can see where I am putting my money where my mouth is. :)